Frequently Asked Questions


We have become the industry's preferred agency when selecting artists for work and all because of our application and assessment process. We not only manage children but also manage adult Models, Actors, Dancers and Supporting Artists of all ages.

Majestic also represents a select number of Actors and Performers for TV, Film and Commercial and Stage work.

We are required by the IRD to deduct income tax from your earnings. For the entertainment industry the rate is set at 20% plus GST and is referred to as a tax on Scheduler Payments (formally Withholding Tax.


NO you do NOT require a portfolio to apply to an agency. Snapshots from your phone are fine, however if you have a professional portfolio and is to agency standard, we will happily accept this.
Parents should be aware that any 'reputable' agency would insist on meeting and testing models under camera before signing them, we call this a test shoot to see how well you engage and take direction. If you are based in the UK and do not have your own photos we will invite you in and test you FOC regardless of any experience gained in a studio. Any agency that does not want to meet models and test them should be avoided as clients insist only those 'capable' of the task will be sent to the client. An agency cannot know an artist well enough to send to a client with confidence unless they have met and assessed them. No agency will allow a model to present their own comp card to their client, nor supply, or use their own website to their clients. Our agency produces comp cards along with an agency profile for a small fee, which is taken from the models earnings upon receiving a job.


No. We decline many applications weekly to ensure we only have the right artists on our books. We receive approximately 500-1000 applications weekly and those who are successful are invited in to meet their booker if local to our office or have never professionally modelled before. We are an extremely busy agency securing work for our children & adults, so it would prove impossible for a booker to invite everyone in to meet them and carry out her regular agency duties. Our philosophy is to only accept an applicant who we feel would make a fantastic addition to our agency portfolio and be apart of the Majestic family. Majestic children are cute, unique, have a great personality and a temperament to cope with the varying demands of this industry. Majestic Adults are reliable, eager & committed.

We have a diverse range of models, actors and talent of all looks and colourings, providing the best artists for the job. We like to think we are an agency with a difference; we at Majestic like to know our artists on a personal level.


We always advise parents/models that applicants should always be aware, despite being badly informed with gossip, all successful and reputable agencies will charge something to be on their books. It is illegal for model agencies to charge upfront but not talent or casting agencies; however it is legal to charge from the models earnings. That saying Casting/Talent Agencies are permitted to charge for website inclusion along with comp cards and test shoots. We supply children & adults for all areas of the industry and are a Model/Casting/Talent Agency supplying kids & adults for photographic as well as TV, at no extra charge. Even those agencies who claim not to charge will hit you with 'you now need to pay for this to be seen by our best clients' once on their books, so beware! This we do NOT do, for models, we only charge once yearly and this comes from your earnings. Some agencies will accept from images alone and never meet their artists (if the photos are to agency standards) and some will invite you in to meet them and charge fees for a mini photo shoot if you do not have photos or your images are not to agency standard.

There are no fees to be merely represented by our agency, but artists are asked to cover their own expenses for website fees; standard with all the major child /adult agencies. Our agency website is what clients use to select children & adults for work.

Children: Our Child Model division £100 for the first year and then £75 for continuous years to cover children until they reach 16yrs and is to be taken out of earnings as standard with BEIS regulated Employment Agency. This is also allows for digitals, videos, social media and much more. You are able to use your own portfolio, (if to agency standard) or you can book with our photographers to create one; details provided if accepted.

Adults: Our adult model division has a yearly website cost of £150 and then £100 for continuous years. This is also allows for digitals, videos, social media and much more. You are able to use your own portfolio, (if to agency standard) or you can book with our photographers to create one; details provided if accepted.

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, an industry that is highly competitive. We therefore must insist our artists have only images of the highest quality on their webpage to offer our clients.


If we like a child, or adult, based on their application, then they will be contacted by one of our bookers and invited in for a meeting. This will allow a parent to see how their child (or adult artist) reacts in a studio environment, whilst also allowing the agency to see beyond the application by gauging their character and see how they take direction under camera, as to see how a child/adult engages and takes direction is crucial. The agency booker will be the photographer and a full assessment will be written on their time with us. This is all part of the joining process and invaluable when placing them for work as we only send the best to our clients.

We will on take on those we honestly feel have a good chance of getting work, whether this be for modelling, acting or indeed both. When our books are open, we will assess each individual application and successful applicants will be contacted within 7 working days. Should you be deemed potentially suited to the agency, you will be sent full details on the next steps.

For children 2 years and over, they will be invited along for an assessment session with the agency in either our London or Chester studio. The assessment gives the agency the chance to meet the child face to face to assess and discuss the child’s suitability and raise any further questions that you may have, as well as for us to observe the child and their overall behaviour in an unknown environment, which will be similar to that of an average casting session.


For children under the age of 2 years, we do not need to personally meet for an assessment, as babies and toddlers change each and every day and therefore is not relevant for our clients and us. However if accepted we will expect parents to make it their mission to keep the child’s profile 100% up to date as you can appreciate this is crucial for both the child’s look and measurements in order to help us secure work.


Our commission rate is between 25% - 35%. We do not charge children for child licence fees.

HOW OFTEN CAN I EXPECT WORK and are we guaranteed work?

This can vary on many factors for all artists. It is important to understand it is the client and not the agency that chooses the artist for their campaigns. No agency can therefore guarantee work and any who do should be avoided. We at Majestic make no false promises, nor guarantees.

Some artists are booked regularly, some occasionally, whilst others may not be so lucky and land nothing. This is the game sadly, this industry is very cut throat and competitive. We do however have an extremely high percentage of our children & adults out daily on castings and shoots and can guarantee that we submit all those to clients when they are suitable and match the clients brief. We also ensure professional, ethical representation at all times.

We receive endless briefs a day (including weekends!) so as long as you have up to date photos and sizes our clients will see you. We want our children & adults working as much as they do, that is where we earn our money, please do understand this!


We will put you forward for all assignments were you meet the criteria. As and when a client contacts us to meet you for a casting or book you direct for a job, we will contact you immediately. Sometimes we might contact you beforehand if the client requests us to do so to confirm availability on a number of shortlisted models / actors or maybe to confirm specific details. Please know we will not contact you each and every time our artists are submitted for work. It is obviously crucial that all artists’ profiles are kept up to date and to keep the agency informed of any changes whatsoever. As you can appreciate this is important as clients do not selects artists on how they look but this can also be on the measurements and other factors too.


Please Note; we cannot consider incomplete applications, or those with incorrect information. We simply do not have the time to reply to unsuccessful applications as much as we would like to, however if you wish to call us to see if we have received your application as sometimes they can get lost or misplaced due to the high volume of applications and the size of the files you submit.

We do not accept applications from those only seeking model work. We are a Casting agency primarily and submit our talent for model work too, not the other way around! You are more than welcome to apply without training or experience. The agency decision is final!