Become a Model/Actor

A career in modelling can be an exciting fantastic opportunity to travel and see the world, meet many new and interesting diverse people and generate a good income. It is also, however, extremely competitive and comes with its share of pitfalls. Hard work, determination, a professional attitude and a helping hand is essential by having a good agent and a bit of luck.

Before starting out, you need to know model’s must work hard to look their best, good clear skin but synonymous with this is eating a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise, not smoking, minimal alcohol and lots of water is a must! Looking good is only half the requirements. Having a professional positive can do attitude is essential, whether working within a team and getting along with everyone at the casting or shoot. If you take all of this on board then your chances of making it as a model will increase enormously. Remember that the competition is fierce out there for work and standards today are higher than ever.

At Majestic Models and most agencies we have a formula for new faces which can mean facing some changes, not just your image but also your outlook on life. It is vitally important to have a strong sense of purpose, enthusiasm and determination, this is vital in a model’s career and makes a huge difference between success and failure.

If you are interested and serious about a career in modelling and you have what it takes to succeed but need some guidance, then contact us. We are proactive with your individual development as a model and ensure that you receive the nurturing you need and the very best in management.

If we do accept you onto our books then don't forget the agency is here to give advice and guidance on all aspects of our models careers. We will dedicate ourselves to your individual development as a model and ensure that you receive the nurturing you need and the very best in management.

To apply:

Children under 16 years old:
Please email or post at least 5 photographs of your child to include pictures of them smiling showing their teeth with no make-up on, to be un-airbrushed. Please include their date of birth and where you are based to

If you are over 16 years old and have left school please follow the information below:
Girls must be over 5'7" Men over 5'11". Please forward at least 5 clear photographs of yourself including ones of you smiling showing your teeth, a head shot and a full length shot. The photographs do not have to be professional shots. Also include your vital statistics and your contact telephone number and address. If you want your photograph's returning please enclose a SAE.

Working models:
Please call Joanne in the agency to arrange an appointment (on +44 (0)151 329 2191) to show us your book or alternatively email a selection of photos from your book with your stats to: