1. We want to see NATURAL photos where we can see your bone structure.
  2. Professional pictures are NOT necessary.
  3. The photo submitted alongside your application needs to be a FRONT FACING headshot.
  4. Try to RELAX your face, do not smile or pout!
  5. Please DO NOT wear make-up, sunglasses or hats etc.
  6. Keep hair as natural as possible, but make sure it is not obscuring your cheeks.
  7. In a side profile we need to see the jawline. Hair needs to be kept away from the face.
  8. Photos need to be in COLOUR with no computer effects or re-touching.
  9. Avoid wearing baggy clothes and simply stand up straight with your shoulders back.
  10. Do not submit a body shot, we will contact you if necessary.

Become a model - Please submit your pictures using the form or phone us at +44 (0)151 329 2191

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